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Aztec Two Step

"Classic Duos:
The songs of Simon & Garfunkel, the Everly Brothers and Aztec Two-Step"


March 7, 2015

8 pm

It was a chance meeting that brought Rex Fowler and Neal Shulman together 43 years ago and a friendship built on mutual respect for their music and audience that keeps them together today.  Fowler and Shulman, of acoustic folk-rock duo Aztec Two-Step, will bring their “Classic Duos” concert to the Hurdy Gurdy. During the concert, Aztec Two-Step will honor the songs of Simon and Garfunkel and The Everly Brothers, and maybe throw in a little Chad & Jeremy and Peter and Gordon as well. The evening will also include songs drawn from the duo’s own extensive catalog dating back to their 1972 debut.  

After finding each other at an open mic in a Boston coffee house in the Spring of 1971, Fowler and Shulman staked out a spot in New York City’s Central Park and began playing mostly original songs. They noticed that other busking musicians were mostly playing covers and collecting far more money, but the pair remained undeterred.   Rex and Neal’s decision to focus on their own songs ultimately landed them a production deal, a demo and a record contract with Jac Holzman and Elektra Records.  Rex says that the first time he heard Neal lay a harmony on one of his lyrics, he felt like he died and went to Heaven.

Aztec Two-Step’s beautifully crafted harmony driven songs from their self-titled debut and subsequent ’70s albums on RCA, received extensive airplay and rave reviews that kept the pair on the road.  Fowler and Shulman figure that Aztec Two-Step has played approximately 4,300 concerts since 1971.  

At this  “Classic Duos” show, Aztec Two-Step will pay tribute to some of their favorite duos. “I think any duo who gets on stage owes an incredible debt to Don and Phil Everly,” Fowler says. “The Everly Brothers had such an influence on Simon and Garfunkel and on Lennon and McCartney – both in their songwriting and singing. You hear them in all of the classic duos who came after them and Simon and Garfunkel are at the top.”  Although the “Classic Duos” concert will feature many songs written by others,  it will be very much an Aztec Two-Step experience. “When we do those songs, we don’t try to be exactly like them. It’s really a joy to play them and it keeps it fresh for us.”  

These perennial Hurdy Gurdy favorites usually sell out, so get your tickets early.   You don't want to miss this show!




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